Đeɖeŵakor Prayer Outreach is a prayer group in the church of the Apostles Revelation Society (A.R.S.), Tema but membership drawn across the entire church.

It was founded by the art of God Jehovah though Mr. Saviour Aho. Somewhere in the middle of the year 2010, he was forced to spend one of his weekends in his car outside where he lived (house) then due to some challenges. He therefore decided to spend the Friday night at the Tema A.R.S. mission by praying and singing for few hours (up to 10:00pm) in the chapel then go back to sleep in the car till Saturday morning. However, God changed his (Mr Aho’s) plan to suit His (Jehovah’s) plan. He was empowered and lead by the Holy Spirit to sing praises and hymns prayed and studied the scriptures all night until 5:00am. He then called the people at the mission house to join him in morning devotion before leaving to a place unknown. With Holy Ghost fire on him that morning, he prophesied job into one person’s life before the end of the new week which happened to the Glory of God.

He has then decided to hold all-night prayers every Friday night either there is problem in the house or not unless he travels. He therefore discussed with some people including Deaconess Peace Dzameshie and Ms Comfort Norgbedzi who both joined him the following weekend. It was also a night of remembrance.

It got fired up as the weeks passed by. Membership increased so rapidly and unexpectedly to glory of God. Brethren like Rev Worlanyo Kufoalor, Elder James Enna, Elder CK Kufoalor, Naomi Attipoe, Beauty Attipoe, Charles Bedzra, Seth Assah, Francis Wegbe, Etornam Kpeli, Selasi Akormedi, Sylvia Wovenu, Frank Assah, Albert Amedzro, Gladys Abodakpi, Sitsofe Agbedanu, Rebecca Awudi, among others joined. The active membership of the group is just over twenty (20) however; brethren join the group especially on evangelism missions from Ho, Abor, Akatsi and some branches in the Mid-Greater Regions of the church.

On 29th January, 2011 thus more than six months of existence of the group, at 1:45 am during one of Holy Spirit fired up all-night, the name of the group came through Bro. Albert Amedzro. The name as it came that night was ‘ĐEĐEŴAKORLA’ meaning the Redemption or the Salvation troops. Hence the name: ĐEĐEŴAKOR PRAYER OUTREACH 

In that same night, hour, and vision the anthem of the group was revealed to Mr. Albert Amedzro. Hymn 51 in the A. R. S. hymn book was the song;

“Đo mia ŵakor me be miayi aŵa 

Yesu ana be miadu futor dzi. 

Be miatsi tre de vȏ nu 

Awor nu nyuie; 

’Sia ta dedeŵakor la ho aŵa do 

I: Miyi ngor ko, miyi ngor ko 

Đedeŵakor la ho aŵa le ngor yim 

Yesu f’asrafowo miwor kale ko 

’Sia ta dedeŵakor la ho aŵa do. :I” 

By CKN Wovenu


“Rally us into the troops for the war 

Jesus will help us to conquer the foe. 

We must resent sin 

And be upright; 

The reason for the salvation-troops to go to war 

I: Forward ever, forward ever 

The salvation-troops are at war, on the move 

Soldiers of Jesus solely stand bravely 

The reason for the salvation-troops to go to war. :I” 

The slogan of the group also came through Mr. Francis Wegbe during one of our night of prayers. Hearing and seeing the signs and wonders God was performing and after some prayers, he said this group was established by God Jehovah Himself. Hence he said in Ewe and therefore the slogan:

Đedeŵakor: Mawu nutoe doe!

Đedeŵakor: Mawu nutoe doe!

Đedeŵakor: Mawu nutoe do efe nudoanyia!


i. To resent sin and do the right thing

ii. To bring the lost souls to CHRIST at all COST!


I. To strengthen the Prayer life of members as instituted by the founder of the church, St Wovenu.

II. To develop the Bible studies life of members.

III. To strengthen the faith of members in God Jehovah according to the teaching of the Bible.

IV. To be of help to needy orphans, needy widowers, needy aged, the sick, the poor and other needy persons in society (both within the Church and outside) with prayers and/or donations.

In fulfilling aim of winning souls for Christ, the group embarked on evangelism missions, won souls and new branches opened since 2013. Strategies normally adopted including spiritual preparations, door to door spread (discussion) of the word in target communities, praying with people, film shows, crusade/revival services, baptismal services and donations of items like Bibles, relevant ARS/Wovenu authored booklets (to new souls), stationery, food, clothing, among others. Places visited so far are in the table below.

1 AKUAVE Anyako Volta June 2013 19
2 KPORKUVE Anyako Volta Oct. 2013 37
3 ABLORTO Dzodze Volta Oct. 2013 47
4 OSUWEM Mid-Greater Accra Greater Accra Mar. 2014 23
5 WINNEBA Winneba Central May 2014 6
6 NEW BAKPA Adidome Volta July 2014 51
7 KPENOE Ho Volta Oct. 2014 19


Prior to the date for the final evangelism at all the places visited to conclude the mission, the group usually visited to test and prepare the ground. For Winneba, the group only helped the students and the branch there evangelized to win souls for Christ. The Kporkuve, Kpenoe and Ablorto evangelism missions were joint programmes with Revelation Prayer Force, a prayer group based in Ashaiman been chaired by Mr Ramson Tornyi (Chairman).

All the branches in questions are doing well. Akuave has even produced another branch (Gbedekope) converting more souls to Christ. Even though the group plans its own evangelism mission assignments to be followed every year, evangelism mission invitations are also usually received and followed. Hence, the group when informed on or invited to evangelism missions will gladly be there God willing.

Over the years, the group received great spiritual, physical, material and financial supports from individuals across the length and breadth of the church. These supports usually come as source of relief to the group as it carried out the divine duties.

However, challenges are bound to come in all spheres of life. Some of the challenges facing the group especially in carrying out the evangelism assignments include transport, finances, and evangelism instruments like projector, sound systems, generator and moving electrical systems.

The group has also put smiles in the faces of some pastors especially those in the Mid-Greater Accra Region, the leadership and those pastors/persons handling the new branches through supports, dinner parties among others.

The group has also been and is a source of joy to needy individuals by visitation and the donation of items like food, and clothing. Animals in the bush, fishes in rivers and birds of the all fields also get their share of joy.

They can be contacted on any of these numbers: 0241591688; 0234921897; 0244597360; 0503032786; 0208273964; 0279208267.